Critical Ops- A Complete guide about Currencies

Gone are days when we used to play on a single screen but with the advancement of technology you can enjoy vivid 3D games like Critical Ops.  The game is launched with many kinds of characters and missions which make it an exciting and enjoyable game in all over the world. More than 10,000,000+ people download it on their device.  For playing the game in IOS device 9.0 and up version is required. On the Google play store, it will receive 4.4 sating stars out of 5 stars. It is launched with many kinds of modes like defuse, Team Deathmatch and others.

Kinds of Currencies-

There are various types of essential currencies are available to the games for performing different activates. It is also useful to purchase the things for playing in a better way. The game is launched with their three types of virtual currencies available. Here today we will share with you complete detail about currencies.

  1. Credits
  2. Coins

These both are types of currencies in the Critical Ops to purchase and update the things.

  1. Credits- The credits are premium currencies of the game. It is useful to purchase the things. It means if you want to buy the high skills weapons then credits are must be required. It is also helpful to purchase the resources to better survive in the game. It is not easy to earn but via some special ways to complete the missions, take part in events you can obtain it.
  2. Coins- In the Critical Ops Hack , it is counted into primary currency for updating the things. There are lots of things are available for updating weapons skills, player skill and much more. When you update these all things via the help of coins with them, your winning chance will improve. As per the credits, it is also not easy to obtain, but from daily rewards and Challenges, you can receive.

Always purchase the Currencies Wisely-

If you have not sufficient amount of currencies and try all methods, then you are able to purchase it from real money. On the shop many types of value packs are available.

Brief Guidance about Walking Dead Our World


The Walking Dead our World is the best platform to utilize your leisure time properly as by playing it regularly on a daily basis. It is available on various websites at free of cost. It is easily available for IOS users at the apple store and Android users at play store. It is the creation of Next Games, and its size is almost 100 MB. The main task in the game is to protect yourself from walkers in the form of zombies by destroying them. Users have to fight anywhere and at any time to go further in the game.


The Walking Dead our World considers different types of characters in it. Gamers have to join forces with Rick, Daryl, and Michonne according to their favorite character to complete the battle.

Best Features


  • The game provides you the better sound quality and high-quality graphics.
  • Different types of locations are available to fight walkers according to your choice.
  • A wide range of legendary characters, weapons, and items.
  • Various types of weekly objectives and challenges which give a chance to win big.
  • Easy way get currencies with Walking Dead Our World Hack.
  • Make the team with other players and protect your shelter and city from walkers.


Best Tips


In the game, there are several things which should always keep in mind. To become the best player in it, you need some tips and tricks to apply in the game. Following are some tips which you must apply in the game –


  • Save your Companion – It is a character in the game that fights with the walkers along with you. It comes from comics and TV. If your companion feel more damage than it is necessary to take the companion along with you until its health cooldown.
  • Protect the Survivors – It refers to protect the survivors from the walkers in order to fight the battle. After rescuing them, you need to drop them nearest to the safe house. By completing the same process, users can earn various types of rewards.
  • Upgrade everything – It is important in the game to upgrade and level up everything. The more and more you upgrade the equipments, the more you earn in-game currency in the game. The rewards you will earn are in the form of hero cards and coins.
  • Use the currency more wisely – It is the most useful task as the users should spend their currency more carefully. They spend it only on necessary things which are more valuable to them.